President Hon. Mr. Amarjargal Rinchinnyam

ramarjargal1Former PM of Mongolia Mr. Amarjagal Rinchinnyam is one of few internationally acclaimed economists of Mongolia. He holds economic degrees from the University of Bradford, UK and Plehanov Institute, Russia.

Mr. Amarjargal has also contributed to the democratic movement in Mongolia from the beginning. He was a founding member of the New Progress-Union and the National Progress-Party. Then he helped to merge those with several other parties to form the National Democratic Party.

In 2001 Amarjargal established Amarjargal Foundation. This is an NGO which promotes a transparent and open society, and carries out studies on social welfare, economy, politics, and law. It also negotiates foreign help and investment.


Managing Director Mr. Batpurev Ayushsuren

bali_FotorMr. Batpurev Ayushssuren is a financial economist and business consultant, holds MSc in Financial economics degree from the University of Sydney, Australia and Bachelor of business administration from the University of Finance and Economics, Mongolia.

Before co-establishing the MCMC (2014-2016), Mr. Batpurev worked as Director general of Market developments department of the Financial Regulatory Commission (FRC) of Mongolia where he was in charge of general policy planning and coordination for securities, insurance and micro finance industry of Mongolia. He has tremendous professional experience in research and analysis in financial sector, capital market development issues covering regulation policy, infrastructure and new financial services and instruments area and managerial information system and market data base management.

His working experience spans a wide range, from private sector to government positions such as Founder and director of BBE Business Consulting LLC (since 2004), National coordinator of civil society coalition for the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (2006-2008) and Economic advisor to the Minister for foreign affairs of Mongolia (2013-2014).

Mr. Batpurev is a non-staff advisor the chairman of FRC now. And he has prospective long term relationship with Mongolia’s high level government officials, business community, media and civil society.

Board member Mr. Munkhtsog Altankhuu 

Board member Mr. Enkhbayar Boldbaatar 

Executive director Mr. Tugsbilguun




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