We will fulfil this aim by conducting the activities that divided into four main divisions.

  • Policy advocacy
  • Professional regulation and standards
  • Research and analysis
  • Financial inclusion and education

Policy & Standards

Policy advocacy

MCMC strives be the leading voice of the financial services sector in Mongolia driving the public policy debate and supporting the positions of its membership with relevant research, submissions to Government, extensive stakeholder consultation on promoting government policies and business conditions that support a strong financial sector

At MCMC, we also promote the use of commonly accepted standards, practices, procedures and controls. This ensures our members have the confidence to operate within a structured and standardized framework.

Professional standards & ethics

We provide a large range of market resources to enable our members to achieve best practice. These resources help market participants manage effective and efficient market transactions.

MCMC provides services for members through its market practices and regulatory policy activities in Mongolia by:

  • setting standards of good practice for orderly markets, in consultation with members;
  • consulting members and representing members’ views to other constituencies, notably to regulators and central banks on cross-border regulatory issues, but also to other market participants;
  • providing a Mongolian focus;
  • representing the sell side and buy side together, where they agree, and facilitating dialogue between them;
  • working in cooperation with other trade associations, where it is in MCMC’s members’ interests; and
  • sharing our experience of setting standards of good market practice in Mongolia at the same time learning from international best practices and lessons.
  • MCMC concentrates on Mongolia focused domestic, market practice and regulatory issues where we can add most value for its members.

Research & Analysis

  • Corporate Governance ranking & report
  • Investment fund ranking
  • Investment manager excellence awards
  • Industry reports & Policy study
  • Academic fundamental research
  • Research library

Financial inclusion & Education

  • Professionals training (licensed from Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia)
  • Accreditation programs (CFA-Mon, Corporate governance etc)
  • Financial literacy
  • Investor protection
  • Events (conference, expo)